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Building community and collaboration is the way to bring more catalysts in the system.

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M.A.(JU) ; M.Phil (NIMHANS)

I am a clinical psychologist with over 33 years of experience. Throughout my professional journey, I have worked with a diverse demographics from rural to urban, slums to boardrooms, and pediatric to geriatric. My passion has evolved to explore the intersection of psychology and technology. I am deeply committed to creating innovative models that make mental health care accessible and affordable for all through community-driven initiatives and meaningful collaborations. I take a holistic approach to address the issues of my clients.

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  • Head Parenting Practice @ Parentof Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Behaviour & Psychotherapist @ Bangalore
  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist @ Bangalore
  • Mentor & Coach for budding psychologists

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What My Clients Say​

Shobha is a competent and empathetic therapist. She is versatile, adapting to the differing needs of clients. She offers patience, support, and a much required kick in the ass when it helps you grow. She offers space for you to get the comfort you need to recognise and unlearn your patterns, while giving you very clear tools on how to go about the work.


My Few words for Shobha
1) She can add to restoring/ enhancing the self confidence of yr child no matter how active and involved parent you think you are.
2) Without being too prescriptive, she does help you to draw your own boundaries when it comes to handling a teenager
3) willingness from both parents and the child is a must towards the cause and trust in obtain the best outcome.


For Shobha care comes before anything. She is very honest, professional and trustworthy. What makes Dr Shobha special in her counselling sessions is her empathy towards her patients - in addition to being a therapist, she becomes a mother, sister and friend to her clients while still keeping the necessary professional distance.


Shoba is what I would describe as a master therapist, who excels individually with clients as well as a leader who can co-ordinate and bring together other therapists and leaders from several disciplines to achieve a larger goal.


What My Mentees Say

A mental health professional who uses powerful observations and dialogues to create holistic fully functioning individuals for the community using a simple hands-on approach.


A very competent, supportive and magnanimous guide, mentor, coach and therapist


What My Trainees Say​

Shobha is a charismatic person, a source of great inspiration and the best mentor one can have! Blessed with super inter-personal skills she is the best example for both, how to love whatever you do and do whatever you love best! In chasing her dreams and achieving what she desires, she stands tall!

Co-founder, Head - Training & Resources at KEN Solutionz Corporate

Shobha Mangoli is expert trainer, taking care of individual requirements keeping in mind the organizational objectives. She can attend to individuals to develop their skills and bring changes in their behavior for meeting the realities of life and the organizational expectations. She takes interest for hand held assistance at personal level to counsel, confront in case of necessity. She is reliable and dependable trainer.

General Manager (Per), Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.

Shoba is a perfect example of a Coach,Mentor and a Trainer. The expertise she holds in Cognitive Behavior Therapy is amazing. Her sessions are like soothing balm to the disturbed souls. In the times of commotion and confusion we need the expert guidance of professionals like Shoba to hand-hold the youth and put them on the right track. A big thank you Shoba for being with us and would always require your assistance in future. Wishing you success.

Communication Coach at Project Life-line